Friday, October 16, 2009

Out and about

We went to the Hampton Bay Days, which were in downtown Hampton.
You can see some of the beautiful old buildings...on the left is the post office.
Mdx and I helped stimulate the economy, and since we are missing the NC State Fair this year we enjoyed some fair food here!
One of the churches was having a yard sale, and I found this SWEET fondue set for $1.00! I also got Mdx a tie-dyed shirt from the same vendor that does the Greensboro Fun 4th celebration every year.
We went to ChuckECheese for our friend K's 10th Birthday party. Maddox loved sitting at the table with all the big girls.
Here is K! She is so pretty! We have the same birthday too.

There is some serious dancing going on right at the beginning of this video!

Mdx loves wearing this birthday hat that was given to me by my friend Jen. Her new favorite game is "birthday party!", and we have been practicing the birthday song. Maybe she'll be able to sing it to Marshall when it is his birthday!


Carla said...

Thanks for the pictures!! Can't wait til we see you!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, check out my blog for an award I gave you! :)