Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chess club trip

I accompanied the Chess Club from our school to the Virginia Scholastic Chess Tournament in Charlottesville a few weekends ago.  I have to say that the kids did such a great job, and I was so proud because I still managed to stick with my triathlon training while I was gone.  I also learned my way around Charlottesville much better, even though I've been there many times.  

The kids were excited about the bus ride...even though the forecast was for SNOW!
They got to see our family home on our first day in town, called Brookhill. It was purchased by my Great-Grandfather, who was a Professor at UVA, and it was my Grandfather's boyhood home.  The students were amazed at how many books they saw.
One of my cousin Dayton's dogs...Windsor....loved the attention!  Thank you Dayton for letting us come over and visit!  
When we arrived at Monticello HS, the students started to get intimidated.
Rows and rows of chess matches.  It was amazing to watch.
Mr. W and T warming up before her match.
Our kids were very competitive.
We weren't allowed to take many pictures in the match room.
One of the students "styled" my hair...I had to keep telling her not to pull so hard!
Some of our kids won their matches!
There were ribbons given out, and trophies.

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Em said...

It looks like a fun trip! I am surprized that Dayton let you bring them all into the house and let them look around! Cool!