Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gymnastics class

Today I joined the ranks of People-who-drive-their-kid-to-an-activity.  You know, not quite a soccer Mom, and I don't want a minivan....but I'm SO proud and happy to say that Maddox's first Tiny Tots Gymnastics class was today!  It meets every Tuesday afternoon at the Y.  Today was an introductory course, the teachers showed us what everything is, and then let the kids play with all the equipment.  It's a parent-participatory class, and let me tell you, I got some extra exercise chasing Mdx around the gym!  She was so excited, she just ran from thing to thing.  After class she was so exhausted she could barely eat dinner, and practically begged me to put her in bed at 7PM!

The gym getting set up.
Mdx loves to climb over obstacles.  She needs a little leotard like that cute little girl!
Working really hard.
This was one of the best!!
Hanging out.
The super-beginner balance beam.
Jumping through hoops.  Well- stepping, she can't really jump yet.
Ball-throwing she CAN do!
Crawling through the tunnel.
On the video you can see that she really just never stopped moving the entire time.  I think being 18 months old she has discovered that she can explore every little part of life, every corner of every room, every minute of the every day.  It's so intense!


Kellie and Jeremy said...

The class looks like fun. I want to sign my girls up for the class, but I think I would need my husband to participate with me... or else I would really be running all over the place to catch up with both of them!

Tina said...

Mary, she is just the cutest dang thing!! I love the hair.