Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day at the beach

On Friday Marshall and I finally decided to take Maddox to the beach.  She went with me while I was pregnant- but I'm sure she doesn't remember!  Ha!  We decided that we didn't want to brave the tunnel to go to VA Beach, so we went to one called Buckroe Beach which is still on the Peninsula.

It doesn't look like a typical beach because it isn't surrounded by beach houses.  There were some beach houses down the beach a little, but in the main area there were parking lots and a large park with a Pavilion for concerts.  They show family movies there for free on Wed nights.  When we first arrived we noticed a large amount of police cars and police spread all through the park.  That made me a little apprehensive, but it ends up everything was fine.  I guess they just hang out there.

I felt like we really didn't bring that much stuff, but when I was watching Marshall carry it- it was pretty funny!  Maddox liked looking around and playing with the sunscreen.  She didn't care much about the water.  I think that the beach will be more fun with her next summer.

Funny face

Baby sunscreen tastes so good

Here is our set-up...see it's not that much stuff!

We didn't want Mdx to walk on the hot sand- which was fine, she wanted Daddy anyway. (You can still see the bruises on his arm from his "tacking-on" at Promotion...and his red neck.)

There was some seaweed in the water- and every time a wave came she'd pick up a foot.

She didn't last long in the water- she just wanted to keep walking!!

Right before we left I noticed her hair had made this little curl.  :)


Tina said...

you have to love baby hair curls. sounds like you guys had a fun day. it's always so fun to see how kids react to the ocean.

Dani said...

My cousin used to live on Buckroe and we used to go there all the time! Glad you had fun!