Tuesday, July 8, 2008

more crawling fun

I need to remember to close to door to the kitchen.  It is so funny how Maddox is squealing with glee as she executes her plan to escape me and get into mischief.  It is not hard apparently, because I get so blinded by her cuteness.  I was thinking that the bulkiness of the Bumgenius cloth diaper might slow her down a bit...but no.  I think it makes her more daring because she has more padding.


LOP said...

What a dollbaby!! The great game of chase has begun! Watch out, I think she is turning into an imp!!

Em said...

I love her squeals and laughter as she tries to get away from you!

Tina said...

She has the crab crawl. I think I've heard it called the lobster crawl too. So cute!