Wednesday, June 25, 2008

time marches on

Sorry for the delay since my last post!  June was our big visitor month.  First we had one of my best friends Brandi up for the weekend and we went to see the Sex and The City movie.  We met one of her friends who lives in Richmond halfway (kind of) in Williamsburg and saw the movie there.  It was worth waiting for- I laughed, I cried, and at the end I wanted more.  That's the way movies are supposed to be.  But I suppose if you weren't as addicted to the series as I was (I own all 6 seasons) it would be hard to go watch the movie without knowing any of the back-story.  But ah- I have so much Miranda in me it drives me crazy.

Then the next week Marshall's Opa came to visit.  He lives in Pittsburgh but spends much of his time traveling the country in his convertible Mustang, staying with family and friends.  Maddox is his first great-grandchild so I think that was a big motivator to come here.  He had never been here before so we showed him around the base and Historic Yorktown.  I think he told us 357 stories- plus or minus a thousand.

After that my parents came to visit for the Langley Air Show.  I'll try and put up some pics next time- right now isn't a good time to upload.  I was kind of "eh" about the air show, I was thinking..."how many planes can I look at all day long and not lose my mind!?".   But it actually ended up being very fun.  We saw some NASA research planes, a B-1 Bomber with its bomb bays open, there was also B-2 Bomber (nicknamed the Stealth Bomber) fly-by which is very rare for an air show.  I was amazed at how gracefully and quietly it flew.  The Memphis Belle was there, and the Royal Air Force Red Arrows from the United Kingdom, and the Geico Sky-typers.  There were also demonstrations of the F-15, and F-22- which are the aircraft stationed here at Langley.  We saw quite a few biplane demonstrations and the stunts they were doing with those planes were absolutely mind-boggling.  They would fly straight up in the air and slow down and then just sit there.  I thought for sure they would stall and just fall out of the sky but they didn't!  There were many other planes, I just can't remember them all.  What was really amazing was that Maddox was actually watching the planes flying by!

We are awaiting the arrival right now of our final June visitors, and I am relieved to say that we don't have any visitors planned for July!!  (Not that we don't love all of you, but it's exhausting!)  Tim, Tamara, Daylynn (4) and Aaralyn (1.5) are some friends from Shaw AFB, in SC.  They are headed to Washington, D.C. on Monday, where Tam and the girls will be flying to Alaska to live with their family for a year while Tim does his remote in Korea.  Since we just finished a remote we have lots of advice!  AHEM- like keep your husband on a budget!  Once their remote is over they will be stationed in Aviano, Italy.  I am insanely jealous and happy for them.  Since we kept Mdx's name a secret until she was born we just called her Babymac when we would talk about her- so people got used to it.  Daylynn still calls her that, and it is adorable.

Okay off to be a hostess for the last time for a while.  :)

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Em said...

What - no pictures? You have had a busy month! I hope you're having a great visit with Tamara and family! We had a nice visit at the lake house, but a busy one, as Mom and Dad decided to get a few new 'things'. I'm not telling you about all of them because I want to see if you notice when you go next time!