Sunday, June 15, 2008

1st Father's Day

At the beach house checking out some pictures

To my husband, on his first Father's Day:

I figured I'd save the $4.00 it would cost me to buy a cheap sappy card at Walgreen's and write you a message here...which I can share with everyone else as well.  You deserve for everyone to know what a great father you truly are.
Some morning baby-daddy time- with Daddy yawning!

Every time I look at Maddox I see you and the love you have for us both.  She looks like you so much with her blue eyes and blond hair, but she has a dimple in her chin like me.  I love how excited she gets when you walk through the door, always kicking her legs and doing those crazy "oh, oh, oh" sounds!  No one can replace her Dada.  (sorry, that's babytalk and we hate babytalk- but that's what she says!)  We have come so far both geographically and as a family since this time last year.  We've matured in many ways, and even you recognize the difference between you and your friends who are not fathers.  You work so hard so that we can have a comfortable life, and I am so thankful for that.
When Mdx was a newborn, right before you returned to Korea.

One of my favorite things is listening to you talk to Mdx.  She is just beginning to understand what we say and mean, and every moment that she learns from you is a gift.  I especially appreciate your support for me and the decision to stay home and raise our daughter.  You always let me know that it is my choice and you support whatever I decide- I am so lucky.  

Nina's Baby Shower poster- Go Marshall!!

So- even though you think Father's Day is just a dumb commercial holiday made up by Hallmark and the other card companies....I want you to know that you deserve recognition like everyone else.  You gave me the most beautiful person in the world to me- our daughter- and no card can capture what that means. 


Em said...

So sweet! A nice tribute to your Hubby! Happy Father's Day Marshall!!!

Rocketgirl said...

Okay - I was all about to get teary because ever since I gave birth EVERY sappy thing makes me cry - but then the poster cleared me up. Wow, what a sense of humor your family has! That looks like something I'd SAY I'd do, but not actually do it because everyone would flip out and lecture me about drawing sperm... although for the life of my I can't understand why, that's jsut how it would go:) Yay for wonderful daddies!!! Marshall sounds faaaaabulous!