Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lorraine American Cemetery

Toward the end of last school year we were getting ready for the Memorial Day weekend, and Maddox's Teacher Aide told us that she'd be helping to place flags at Lorraine American Cemetery. We decided to go for a visit, to see the Cemetery with all the decorations, and to show the kids around. There was very strange weather that day, so we didn't stay for long- but I took more photos the next time we went.  Marshall and I have started to volunteer for, which is a website where people can request a picture or information regarding the burial place of their loved ones, all around the world.  If you've never heard of it- check it out!  So far we have provided over 200 photos for families back in the States, just from Lorraine American Cemetery- and there are many more American Cemeteries all over Europe, that we haven't even seen yet.

There are over 10,000 Americans buried here, making it the largest number of graves of American military members from World War II.

The layout of the land is really beautiful, and they provide maps at the Visitor's Center.

Along this wall are the names of 444 missing soldiers.

This is the chapel inside the Memorial Building.

There are some interesting maps showing the path of the war.

This map is huge and very high on the wall.

We found a few Medal of Honor Recipients that are buried here.

Here's something amusing- I was standing at the top of this viewpoint, which is right at the end of the cemetery, and a gust of wind blew my paper out of my hand and down into these bushes.  Marshall had to scale the wall and climb through to get it.  I have him a hard time for trespassing, and he gave me a hard time for littering.

If you ever find your self in Southwest Germany, or Eastern France, definitely take the time to visit this really impressive Memorial.

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