Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Kehlsteinhaus in Berchtesgaden

After we checked out in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, we headed for a short drive over to Austria.  It took a little over 2 hours, but longer than it should have because I doubted the GPS.  I had just vowed to stop doubting the GPS, and then I went and did it again.  Either way- we finally found Berchtesgaden, and drove up a really steep winding mountain road to get to the parking area for the Kehlsteinhaus- known to many American's as Hitler's Eagle's Nest.  The day was so amazing- I didn't enhance the colors on these pics at all!

This is a building across the parking lot from the bus area.  It houses 2 levels of historical information about World War II, with many photographs.  I walked through quickly, because it didn't want the children to see too much- but at the back is the entrance to the underground bunkers that were constructed, but never used.  

We got our bus tickets to the top of the mountain, and ate lunch at the restaurant there, while we waited.  It was a cool and sunny day- perfect weather!

Here we are getting ready for the bus ride up the mountain.

Mav sat across from me.

He also waved at a few strangers.

Then we began going up-up-up!  There is a parachuter (ist?) in the middle of this picture.

When I thought we had to be close to the top, we kept going.

The ride was a little bit terrifying!

Once off the bus we headed into a tunnel that took us into the middle of the mountain.  It was so crowded, and dark, that I didn't think to take any pictures.  After jamming a ridiculous amount of people into a tiny elevator- we came out HERE.  Not a bad view!

This is the view up to the top of the property.  Maverick was on my back, which was the only way I was comfortable up this high, since he's sometimes squirrelly.

Up at the top, this is the view of the Kehlsteinhaus.

Dad thought it was pretty cool.

The parachuter/hangliders were still floating around the mountain.

You know, there were monks in my Venice pictures.  I must be drawn to them.  The year on the cross says 1951.

After the scary ride back down the mountain, we drove into Salzburg.

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