Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Eat, Drink, and be Merry

You want to make a ton of money in America?  Open one of these: a walk-in, fill your own container, wine shop.  "Take Away Wine!"  We passed this on the way to our apartment, and went back a few times!  Genius, no doubt about it.

There is a bar with all kinds of wine on tap.  You can bring your own bottle, or purchase one there.  Or you can buy a glass of wine and stroll down the street with it!

It says "No Self Service" because there is an attendant there, and it seemed like he would have let us taste as much as we wanted!

There was also a decent bottled wine and beer selection.

 We also ate at this sidewalk pizzaria.  Maddox loved taking pictures with Marshall's camera.

I got the veggie pizza.

Marshall got one that the waitress said was horse...we thought it surely couldn't be- but it really was!  He said it wasn't that great, and tasted like jerky.  Although we don't eat horse in America, there are many other cultures who do (clearly Italy being one of them).

The kids were so happy we were sitting down for a while.

Mdx would have been fine staying here all day.

Marshall was still happy about the take away wine.

So I said "Show me your grumpy faces!"" and this is what I got. Ha!

Of course, we had some Gelato....many times!

And pizza a few times too!

That's about it for Spring Break- there are some museum photos, but not enough to make up a blog.  Now I need to move on to Memorial Day, and my parents visit in the early summer!

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