Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Since I couldn't really venture out into Uganda beyond the city of Entebbe, I wanted to see a more natural place- to feel like I wasn't in the middle of a city or town.  So, we had one of the drivers take us to the Botanical Gardens, on the shore of Lake Victoria.

I wish I could make these pictures bigger, because it was just incredible.

Not how you thought Africa looked, right?

 Oh look, kudzu!  (not really)

 The water was bright green.
There were really cool vines hanging down.
 Those are huge ant and termite hills.  Do NOT get close!

I have no idea how old these stairs were, but they looked really cool in the middle of the forest!

The roots of these trees were cool and knobby.  I think Marshall said it was called a Crocodile tree, now I've got to find out! :)

That's the conclusion of the pictures from my trip to Uganda!  It was amazing, and I'd love to go back someday if I ever get the chance. 

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