Sunday, August 12, 2012

Around Entebbe

I didn't spend all my time in Uganda at the hotel, school, or orphanage.  We got out quite a lot, and I saw many places that Marshall and his friends like to go.

This is a popular sandwich shop, not a hair cutting place like you might expect.

I've seen this type of security system before- at the DuPont Estates in Delaware.

These are fruit stands on the side of the road.  As far as I could tell they were all selling the same things, so I asked Marshall's driver how he chooses which one to buy from.  He said you just normally always go to the same one, which answers and doesn't answer my question.

This is one of the eating areas at a restaurant called Anna's Corner.

This building next to the restaurant holds a library, a small computer lab, and a few rooms filled with crafts that are for sale.

This is the view from a bar called the Aero Club.  It overlooks part of Lake Victoria, and you can barely see it, but on the left is the edge of the Airport Runway.

More view from the Aero Club.  The sun is going down in between the two palm trees.

While I was in Entebbe it was a very special time, because the Bugandan King was scheduled to come and visit.  The Buganda are one of the tribes of people living in the area, but of course he is not the King of everyone- only those from his tribe.  There were people setting up big displays, putting up stages, and collecting donations to decorate more for the King's visit.  We stayed off the roads while he was in town, because they were all packed and we couldn't have gone anywhere anyway, but we could hear the commotion coming from the street.  Everyone was yelling and cheering, honking their horns and ringing bells.  Below you can see one of the displays they built for the King.

This is the Ugandan President's residence.  Right after I took this picture I saw a big sign that said pictures were forbidden.  Oops.

We ate at a restaurant that was right on the beach of Lake Victoria.  It was good, but it got chilly as the sun set.  There were some people swimming in the lake, and others walking up and down the beach selling things.  We bought some roasted peanuts and corn kernels that were really good!

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