Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ritter Sport in Berlin

Our friend Rachel lives up in Potsdam, and invited the us up for a weekend visit.  I thought about driving, but then decided that would stress me out- and I really HATE driving in the bigger cities here!  6+ hours in the car with my two kids (alone) just didn't seem like fun.  So I decided we'd take the train.  The cost was around the same as driving, and it would take around the same amount of time (if not for the two broken down trains, but I digress).  We used public transportation once we arrived, and it was great!

Here we are waiting at the bus stop in Rachel's village, to head into Berlin.  There is graffiti everywhere in Berlin- it was so strange to see it!  Notice in this photo Charlie Sheen is #winning.

We headed into Central Berlin to the Ritter Sport Chocolate factory.  When you first arrive you get to create your own chocolate bar that you pick up when you leave.  There were so many ingredients to choose from like mini marshmellows, rice crispies, all kinds of fruit, coconut, etc.

 You could get white or milk chocolate.

They pour your mixture into a mold, and then it goes into the fridge.

Of course the gift shop was a big hit!  This is a tower of all the types of chocolate they make.

My kids definitely love Ritter Sport!

We stopped at the cafe upstairs and had this chocolate shaped piece of Mousse.

So true.  I am not strong.

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Brandi said...

I am not strong either, don't feel there is any hope for strength in the future either.