Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pittsburgh Days 2 and 3

 The next morning (Thursday) we woke up entirely too early and played around in the room.  Marshall took Maverick down to the lobby to walk around and play, and we took our time showering and getting up and ready to go. 

Back at Opa's house, Mdx got in some "craftsing" as she calls it.

I don't have anymore pictures from Thursday.  I could have sworn I took some, but maybe they are on someone else's camera?  Oops!  Ha!  We did some shopping, and hung out with Aunt Cheri and Uncle Alan who flew up from Georgia.  We also enjoyed our time with Opa's sister Sue, who flew up from Florida.  Later on we got to surprise Grandma and Grandpa (Marshall's parents) when they arrived after driving from North Carolina.  We hid around the corner from the door, but Maverick wouldn't stay with us and wandered around the room.  I didn't have a good view, but I could hear what was going on.  When Carla saw Maverick (I think) she said "Hi there...." and then started screaming when she realized it was him!  She kept saying"oh my gosh!"- it was so funny!  She was definitely surprised, and don't forget, her husband (the secret keeper) was the only one who knew we were coming, so even though he wasn't surprised, he was definitely happy to see us!

The next day Mdx wore her Steeler's jersey.  The kids had chocolate donuts for breakfast!
Mav spent a long time going up, down, up, down, up, down those stairs.  He only fell once.
Later we got to surprise Marshall's Grandma Mac.  Her face says it all!
Mav was so sweet and sat in her lap a long time.
Friday night we went out for Chinese food for dinner.
It was okay, but the kids were really tired and ready for bed, so we ended up hurrying out and heading back to go to sleep.  Mdx cried because they had cake for Opa and she wanted some, but I promised her she could have cake for breakfast the next day.  Hey- it's vacation!

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Aunt Kathy said...

I am still so amazed that you guys did this trip! So brave! Looks like the kids did really great, all things considered. Love you bunches! Aunt Kathy