Thursday, March 15, 2012

Party time!

On Saturday there was a big party for Opa at the local firehouse.  Carla and her brother and sisters (and all their significant others!) really worked hard to make this party great!

This is the cake table.  There were tables set up all over the room that had pictures from every era of his life!

This one is my favorite! So beautiful!

CAKE!  If you haven't heard, I'm a cake fan.  That's a picture of Opa and his Mustang.
Part of the surprise was an awesome scrapbook filled with letters from people he has known over the years.  It was really cool to see their memories of him, and many of them also sent pictures!  There were even some pictures from his high school days.  What an amazing thing to keep in touch with people for so long, and to have them send such meaningful messages.
 Here is Opa with his three Great-Grandchildren.  Mdx, Mav, and Charleigh.  Such a sweet picture!  I hope some of the 5 other people taking pictures got some better shots.  :)
 The little kids enjoyed running around the big room, and eating lollipops.
Mdx enjoyed playing with the balloons!

We also got to talk to many of Opa's friends, including some friends from the Mustang club.  I told them about how my Grandmother Bootsie used to have a white convertible Mustang, which I thought was a pretty cool Grandma car!  There was a busload of people who came from the Senior Center, and many other people.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the crowd!  We are so glad that we got to be there for the fun!

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