Thursday, March 15, 2012

Last day in Pittsburgh, and heading home

Before we knew it, it was Sunday, our last day in Pittsburgh.  Since we didn't have to leave until later in the day, we squeezed in some last minute shopping and hung out at Opa's house. 

Mav took a little cat nap on Opa's couch. 
 Mdx and Charleigh loved playing together upstairs.
 This is one of Opa's birthday gifts!  A Mustang slot machine!  Maverick was actually caught pushing the buttons (when it was off) and stuff his pockets with tokens.

We said our goodbyes and headed back toward Baltimore.  We decided to stop at the same hotel in Hagerstown where we had stayed before.  As we were driving in to Maryland we noticed that they had salted the roads.  I told Marshall we should probably check the forecast, because we hadn't paid any attention to the weather.  We discovered they were calling for a winter storm that night!  We crossed out fingers and hoped we didn't get stuck!  It ended up not snowing at all where we were, so in the morning we headed to BWI, turned in the rental car, and checked in for our Space-A flight back to Ramstein.  There were plenty of seats available, and we had no problem getting on the flight.

 With a few hours to kill, we headed to the Children's play area of BWI.  It is very nice!
 They even have a section of rocking chairs for the parents to relax, and an observation area where you can see a lot of things going on down below.
 A play tram.
 Mav's favorite, the play airplane.
 Mdx was pretty happy to be taking another plane ride!
 Mav is telling me how excited he is that the plane we are on is so new, and has a TV screen and remote control!  This plane was the nicest plane I've ever flown on, it really seemed brand new!
Once we landed back home we all started sleeping off the jet lag, and Marshall went straight back to work.  It was a short, sweet, vacation- and totally worth living on the edge!

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