Sunday, January 22, 2012

More cardboard fun

I found an old Bed Bath and Beyond gift card in my old wallet.  I had no idea if it was still any good, so I checked the balance, and it still had $7.00 on it!  So, a quick trip to the Clearance section of their website later.....this little cardboard beauty was on its way to our house.  It is actually surprisingly sturdy, and will probably be hours of fun for Mdx to color.  I told her that Mav can play with it, but I'm only going to let her color it (since he loves to color walls.....AHEM...sofas, etc).


LOP said...

Wow-did you order this online or what?? The kids will get hours of fun out of that, for sure- love the cheesey kid-- haha--I think he is becoming a ham just like his sister!

JaclynJohnson said...

Brooklyn got one of these for Christmas. One month later it's still standing so I count it as a successful purchase.