Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Money well spent!

Thanks for letting me know you are here!  It's hard to type up words and upload pictures and send them out into the great beyond, and not ever hear an echo.  But I see your smoke signals now, so that makes me happy!

Tonight the kids and I went to Zumba class.  Initially a few weeks ago I went to a Zumba class myself after finding info for it on facebook.  Thank you facebook for helping me with....just about everything.

At the class they handed out tiny little business cards that showed a class for kids on Wednesdays.  Since all the dance classes on base are full with waiting lists, and this Zumba class is right in the next village, I asked Marshall if he thought we should sign up Maddox.  The class costs €5 a week.  "Sure, sounds great" is what he said, which is a typical Marshall response.

I've played our Wii Zumba game, which is supposed to be a kind of aerobic workout.  You strap on a velcro belt around your waist, and stick the controller in a side pocket of it, and it magically can tell if you are doing the movements correctly.  What they didn't program into the Wii game is how to measure the arm movements, so a lot of the time when I was playing I would just stop moving my arms because I could barely keep doing the correct steps as it was!  The Zumba game is pretty hard, and a decent workout!  The Zumba class (for adults) was also hard, but really fun- and I am sooooooo uncoordinated.  It takes dance and step aerobics to another level.  Another thing that I found funny is that the Zumba franchise sells clothing to wear to class- they have some  eighties looking stuff with torn holes and neon colors- and other outfits that are like cargo pants and tank tops.  I haven't purchased any Zumba clothes yet, and don't know if I ever will.  I'd like to look like an uncoordinated idiot in my own clothes, thankyouverymuch.

Back to the kids class. ... Instead of being out in the main open gym, it is in a classroom. They turn down the lights, turn on the disco ball, and ROCK OUT!  There were about 15 kids there tonight, all ages and abilities.  Really the class is meant for kids from around 5 to 12, but Mdx was holding her own!  Parents are welcome to dance too, but I was wrangling the baby.  Toward the end Mav got over his intimidation and was dancing too.  It was so cute!  Hopefully you can see in these videos, they are dark.

In this video Mdx is dancing a Samba, and then you hear me laugh.

This one is a song called "Chocolate" that they do every week, so the kids really get to learn it well.

And the last one, you can see Maverick trying to copy all the other kids.


adrienne_sakura said...

oh my gosh that is so cute.
i really admire you going to a class to do zumba. i wish i could do something like that. i have absolutely no rhythm. its ridiculous. haha. keep it up. ;)

LOP said...

Oh my gosh- that is adorable!!! Mdx has great rhythm (from whom??) and Mav is right there, too-looking good!! Love watching them move!!

Carla said...

love it!!

Jen said...

That is so adorable! I love hearing about you and the kids! Sorry I haven't kept up much lately, but I'm so glad you're getting settled in over there!

Emily Cole said...

This is great! I've only been to one Zumba class and it was at the local skating rink. It was fun, but very challenging. It is also offered at the YMCA, so I might try it there sometime... but I really felt uncoordinated.