Monday, November 28, 2011

Korean Birthday party

In between the kids' birthdays in August we had a party for them so we could celebrate their birthdays with our friends in Korea before we left.  We decided to have it at a place in Songtan on Aragon Alley, called "Casa Bella", which is a Greek Restaurant run by two lovely Korean ladies named "Sunny" and "Honey".  Of course those are not their real names, that is just what they told us to call them.  They both used to be models, and there are pictures all over the restaurant from their modeling days.  They both loved it when Maddox (and the rest of us) would come into their restaurant, and she would color pictures for them.  So, it seemed fitting to host the party in their restaurant.

Mav showing off his Super-Mav outfit, that I purchased at an adoption fundraising auction.

Mdx helped greet the guests.

The party table (see the pictures on the wall?!).  Ice cream cakes, beer, treats for the kids, and cake pops!

The strawberry cake pops were made by a Captain in Marshall's office.  They were awesome!

We got boxes of cookies, and Maddox wrote "Thank You!" notes, signing her name in English and Korean.
We were packed into the restaurant, luckily they turned on the AC for us!  There were a few funny moments, but one particularly embarrassing one.  We began to open presents, and Mdx opened her first present, which was a Toy Story game for her Leapster.  She thought it was the Toy Story movie, which she had only tried to watch once, but she thought it was scary and screamed for me to turn it off.  So when she opened up the game she yelled "I don't like that!" and practically threw it at me.   ACK!  I was mortified.  I had to explain that it was a game, not the movie, and apologize to Megan, who gave it to her.  After the party I started working with Mdx on "present face" (you know, no matter what- you smile and say "thank you so much!").  Let's hope that never happens again.

This was our surprise guest- Mr Chicken!!  
We wrote out a Birthday invitation, and took it to Danny at America Realty.  He translated it into Korean for us and printed out two copies so that we could give one to Mr. Chicken and one to Imo (the woman who runs Blue Opera).  We didn't really think that they would come, we knew that Imo had to be at work at B.O., and Mr. Chicken didn't seem to understand when we gave him the invitation.  But he came!!  He came running in the door a little late, and he brought an ice cream cake!  He speaks very little English, but he hugged and kissed Mdx, and sat with her during the party.  It was SO sweet.

Toward the end of the party- SuperMav passed out.

Back at home, Mdx practiced telling people that she is FOUR.

The next day we went to Blue Opera and saw Imo.  She gave Mdx this beautiful white shawl that she crocheted herself!  It was so special.
Mdx is also wearing the dress that she was given for her birthday, that was made by her buddy K's mom.  The dress has a M on it (hard to see in the photo).  K has one that matches, with a K on it.

Our last Sunday lunch at Blue Opera!  We sure do miss it there.


Anonymous said...

His superman cape looks so cute on him! Looks like such a fun birthday party :).

adrienne_sakura said...

i see maddox got a crayon roll up. looks like she is set for life on those now. haha. i guess she had the "present face" down when I gave her the one i made. ;)
great pictures! i love that little knit shawl. i can't imagine making something like that! that's talent and patience i do not possess. haha.

familyofmgms said...

Thanks Sarah! I think I need to order the 18 month size now! Danielle- Mdx got this one for Christmas when she was 2, and couldn't use it on her own because it had to tieit closed with the ribbons. Now that she has the *pink!!* one from you, that she can close with the elastic, she can use it all by herself. I took a picture the other day of yours in action!