Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wine Train Part 2

After we were done at the vineyard we got back onto the tour bus for a trip to a concert hall and music school.  We heard a great performance of Korean music by local musicians.  I made a few videos but have recently discovered that my new camera (Kodak Easyshare M532-remember I left my old one on a plane....) is not compatible with sharing videos with my Mac.  My old Easyshare was a more expensive model, and had no problem transferring videos.  So- all the videos I made with the new camera did not end up on my computer like I thought they did, and I long since cleared the memory card.  I emailed Kodak and their solution was to use iMovie, which I find to be a total not-user-friendly program.  Grrr- at any rate.  I have still pictures.  :)

This woman is playing an instrument called a Haegeum.  It is bowed and has two strings, and a very muted sound.  The lady in the back is playing a modern drum set.

The whole ensemble.

These are types of Gayageum.  They are one long piece of wood that acts as a soundboard, and the bridges are movable.  

After the performance they had classes to give us a chance to play a few instruments.

I got to sit into a class to learn how to play the Gayageum.  It was AWESOME!  Right around the time this picture was taken Marshall dropped the camera (I'm telling you, we are hard on cameras in this family...) and the lens was jostled.  It couldn't focus anymore unless you zoomed it to a certain point.  Marshall finally beat the camera back into submission and it still works to this day.  However, now that I know I can't get videos off of it, it might have to accidentally disappear into some hot grape juice or something.  I digress.....

You push the strings down on the left side of the bridge to produce a vibrato effect, and also to alter the pitch from anywhere up to a whole step!

Outside the concert hall we got back on the bus and headed back to the train.  It was a great trip, and I'm so lucky to have a husband who plans thoughtful things for us to do!


LOP said...

great trip!! Kudos to Marshall!!

Emily Cole said...

Great Job, Marshall - You should send Mike some tips sometime!

Tiff said...

Cool instruments!

Anonymous said...

I think you should send that Mike McIntyre guy one of those wine bottle blow ups. to put next to the 12 ft Santa.
Or so I am told.
Love the bogs.

Ben and Meg said...

I want to go to there! That looks so awesome!

Heather E. said...

Can I just say how awesome you guys are? I wish we had met much sooner! I don't know that I would / could be so enthusiastic about an over-seas move and you're making it look FAN-DAMN-TASTIC! Keep enjoying your journey AND each other!

JennMac said...

It's so awesome that you guys went out and had adventures