Sunday, May 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Guest

We have a friend from the Hospitality House named Rachel, who is British.  She lives and teaches in a town South of here and comes into town for the weekends for fellowship at the HH, and church.  Rachel is rambunctious, energetic, hilarious, and calls herself "The Queen"!  She planned a Royal Wedding party at a local coffee shop, since the Royal Wedding was starting around 7pm our time.  She stayed in our guest room that weekend so that she could watch the kids while Marshall and I took a little trip to celebrate our anniversary.  (post about that coming up!).  I decided to get a few things together for her stay here with us.

I got some cute fabric at Happy Quilt that had little crowns and tiaras on it. I made a new pillowcase for Rachel's bed.  It was so easy, and turned out so well!

At the commissary I searched and searched and tried to find things that were British.  I ended up with a few cliche items, but it was funny!  Roses, English muffins, English tea, English crackers, Ghirardelli (just because Rachel likes them) and a cookie shaped like a wedding cake.  I used a different crown fabric as a little cover for the bedside table.

It was fun trying to make things special for our guest!  :)

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Anonymous said...

I'm sure she enjoyed the "royal treatment"