Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Easter party at school

The comments!  Woot!  Of course I need to get my butt in gear and comment more often more throwing stones in plexiglass Korean apartments.  :)  You know what I should do?  I should have a giveaway.........hmmmmm....what in the world would I giveaway?

The Easter party at Maddox's Korean preschool was....interesting.  Since we had been gone we got a note the day before that said we could send in donations of candy or cake.  I made some brownies and bought a bag of candy and took it in.  The invitation said families were welcome, and to bring friends.  Once we arrived I discovered that their idea of an Easter party is like a cross between a birthday party and Halloween.  Certainly not all Koreans treat Easter this way, but this is how it was at Mdx's school.

All the children had made Easter "baskets" out of cardboard boxes that were decorated with Halloween stickers.  Also, at least half of the children were dressed up in some kind of costume.  They brought all the kids into one of the classrooms to sit on mats on the floor and wait for the Easter bunny.  Mav wanted to sit with all the other children!

He wanted to be with the kids, but he didn't.

Cakes, cupcakes, chips, and candy.  The little boy in the picture is wearing the school uniform- a pink Burberry-Plaid-lined jumpsuit.

Each child got a turn at the egg race.  See the teacher with the witches hat in the background?  Right after the egg race they played "Pin the tail on the donkey!".  

The Easter Bunny made an appearance.  Mdx was not a fan.  You can see her name in Hangul on her box, and the child in the witches dress.

After they each got their picture taken with the Easter bunny they were all lined up and taken around the school, going room to room in a type of trick-or-treating for Easter candy.  

It was certainly a party we will remember forever!  :)  One wonderful thing about this school is how hard the teachers work to plan fun things for the kids to do.  They are always taking them on picnics, or outside to garden, or doing craft projects.  They are also extremely friendly and love to pinch Mav's cheeks and coo at him when I come to pick up Mdx.  It is a great place for her!


Carla said...

I read this one too!

adrienne_sakura said...

wow that is random. just sooo random. but it looks like it would be a lot of fun for the kids.
also i think you should giveaway some korean candy or food or other goodies. people love foreign stuff. haha. or some handmade funness. you are crafty. ;)

Eclectic Aspirations said...

I have some coupons for a free cruise that might actually turn out to be a scam you can give away!

Haley said...

Lovin' the blog! :)

Mollie B said...

My Mom and I missed you while you were blog vacationing. I may not comment but I read it every post and always look forward to it. My Mom does too and every now and then she tells me how long it has been since you posted anything. Love you, Mollie