Monday, January 12, 2009

The rest of Christmas

After breakfast we took a walk around the neighborhood, it was a beautiful almost warm, sunny day!
After noon people started coming over, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and friends!  Here, Brandi is being entertained by Marshall and Mikey.  I think I was upstairs napping, still trying to kick the sickness.
Mdx is trying on Brandi's new strawberry hat, with Aunt Betsy watching in the background.
After most people left we played some Wii (Christmas present to me from Marshall!).  It is amazing, I made it until I was 29 years old before I finally owned a game system.  Brandi is surprisingly good at bowling while holding a baby.
We put the kiddos to bed, (Mom and Dad offered to babysit) and then headed over to Brandi's house in downtown Gboro to play some "Apples to Apples".  It was really fun!  Did you know a morgue is trustworthy?
The day after Christmas we travelled to Charlottesville, VA to go to the annual family reunion at our family farm, which is called Brookhill.  This is really the only decent picture from the trip- I think Mdx is talking (what else is new?), which explains the mouth.

One sad part of the holidays was my digital camera going KAPUT!  It either got dropped (who me?  No way!), or disconnected incorrectly (once again, I am innocent of this, I'm sure).....and the memory would fill up with 5 pictures.  It also started having issues focusing, started having a longer delay after I pushed the button, and the flash wasn't EVER right.  It's okay, it was just something Marshall bought off of a street merchant in Korea.  So, I told him I was buying myself a new camera for Christmas, and then spent a few weeks researching what I wanted.  I finally ordered a new camera a few days ago, and I've been stalking......I mean, tracking the package- it should be here tomorrow!!  Yay!  And- thanks to Emily for graciously providing most of the pictures you've seen on these past 2 blogs.  :)


Em said...

I do what I can, Sis. Love ya!

Brandi said...

You know I don't even remember what those crazy boys were telling me!