Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy New Year!

Before Christmas I had been sick for about a MONTH, and refused to go to the doctor because I thought it was just a virus.  I was coughing, couldn't get any rest, achy, hurting sinuses, the whole deal- you know, the kind that normally gets better eventually.  However, the day before Christmas Eve I decided it was bad enough and I needed medicine of some sort- after living on over-the-counter medications for weeks.  Dad took me to Urgent Care in Greensboro, and it ends up I had an Upper Respiratory Infection AND pinkeye.  I got some great antibiotics that they normally give to people with pneumonia, and within 24 hours I was feeling better.  

BUT- No time to talk......must upload pictures....stop distracting me!

Christmas Eve, Maddox with my cousin Ilana visiting from Michigan
At First Lutheran's Christmas Eve Service, Mdx did NOT want to sit in the pew, she wanted to walk all over the sanctuary and talk to everyone!  Here Marshall is trying to keep her occupied on the floor with a pencil and paper.
Time to go home and leave cookies and milk for Santa!
Here was the dining room on Christmas morning.  You can see how almost all of the ornaments got moved up the tree, since Mdx kept taking them off.  Sorry Mom!
Here is what Santa brought Mdx for Christmas: 
Mdx liked stepping over Anderson's new train set like Godzilla!
She also loved her new parachute from Aunt Emily and Uncle Mikey!
Later on we ate breakfast, and "How big is Maddox?" turned into doing the wave around the breakfast table.  It was very impressive!
Okay, I'm going to post this, and then try to upload more pictures.  Blogger is being dreadfully slow right now!

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