Friday, January 16, 2009

busy busy

I really think Maddox is paying much more attention to me than I previously thought.  She holds the cellphone to her ear and pretends to talk- and I really am not on the phone that much!  She also apparently has seen me put the earphones of the ipod in my ear....and here is a picture of her with the card reader and portable hard drive...sticking the plugs in her ears.  Excellent.  You can also see the rockin' 3 ponytail style we have resorted to using to tame her crazy hair.
This is just a cute picture we took at a playdate at Chuck E. Cheese's.


Pictures from my new camera!  It is a Kodak Easyshare Z1015 IS.  I love it and I'm still figuring out how to use all the features.  A few of my favorite things are the image stabilizer, face recognition software, and the fast shutter speed, which help me avoid the constant blurry pictures of a moving 1.5 year old, who doesn't understand, or heed "Stand still!".  Understanding is one thing, but obeying is another issue entirely.  So, we get a new camera rather than a new kid.  Ha!
You know us.
Mdx is organizing her library.  She needs some new books.   I'm fairly sure we've read these about 400 times already-but she still loves them.
She has cut 4 new teeth in the past 2 weeks, and more seem to be on the way.
This is our friend D, who came over to play.  He has already learned the word "Mine" and was trying to teach it to Mdx.  She retorted with "No!", which was entirely appropriate...but makes for a trying playdate for the Mamas.  
We get out Mdx's special Steelers bear when there is a game.  She was given this bear for Christmas by Marshall's Aunts Lisa and Phyllis who live up in Pittsburgh.  They made it for her at the Build-a-bear there.  I had NO idea that Build-a-bears were so complex!  We hope the Steelers make the Superbowl this year!


Em said...

I LOVE the three ponytail hairdo... I wonder if it would be appropriate for a 32 yr old...? Just Kidding! The Steelers Bear is really cute! Sorry about the teething thing! She's adorable!

Rocketgirl said...

I second and third the 3 ponytail look - SOOO adorable! I love that seh'[s using "no" appropriately, even though it is likely to drive everyone bonkers. Yay for correct grammar!

Eclectic Aspirations said...

Ok, im showing my nerdness a bit here, but that blanket and shirt make BigDaddy look like someone off of startrek

Marshall McIntyre said...

Well Paul you are nerd, but you are a nerd with a point!