Sunday, October 26, 2008

more playing fun

......and not so fun.  Maddox and I were playing outside trying to stay quiet so Marshall could sleep (he's on nights now), and she fell on the patio and skinned her knee and a little bit of her cheek.  Then she cried about it for the next 2 hours, which of course- woke up Marshall.  Even after I cleaned her knee and put a Band-Aid on it, she would stop crying and then point at it and start crying again.  It was so cute I had to take a picture.  

We've had some nice sunny weather here recently, so we took advantage of Maddox's new mobility and took her to the park.  There are multiple parks in our neighborhood, but each has an age designation.  We took her to the under-5 year old park, which is the closest thing they have to a toddler play area.  Mdx can only swing and slide, but she loves it there!

Mdx's first slide!

On a warmer day- loving the swing.

Mama- what are you doing down there?

Climbing up to the slide-after she tries to clean off all the sand.

Still trying to climb the stairs.

She loves the view from the top- we have to make her sit down or she'd go face first.
The best part of our last trip to the park was what we saw on the side of the road on our walk home!  A family is moving, and they put their picnic table and small climbing/slide thingie on the curb since they didn't want it anymore.  So- we brought it home, cleaned it up, and now our backyard looks like this!  The best time to get free backyard play equipment is the Fall!

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Em said...

Great find Mary! Your backyard looks so fun now!