Sunday, August 24, 2008

wedding fun

We went swimming- I'm trying to keep her from falling in.

Last weekend we went to the wedding of Maddox's godparents, Lisa and Michael.  They are seminarians at Lutheran Southern Seminary in SC, so we don't get to see them often!   It was also a great time to catch up with tons of Camp Agape friends that we haven't seen in years.  It started with a cookout at the Blackorby's where Mdx enjoyed playing with all the ice in the wheelbarrow full of drinks.  

And...eating hush-puppies.

We all laughed because Mdx matched their plates and napkins with the checkered red/white.  Don't look too closely, because I'm fairly sure this is the dress she'll be wearing for her 1st Birthday party.  Act surprised.

The next day (Friday) was the rehearsal at Christ the King Lutheran in Cary, and the rehearsal dinner at the Chop House, also in Cary.  Marshall had I had a rare date-night, since we left the baby with her McIntyre grandparents.

Practice makes perfect. What a beautiful church!

At the rehearsal dinner we sat with Lisa's sister Sara and husband Nathan, who were also on a date night from their baby Amelia who is 5 months old (Marshall and Nathan got along way too well, it's a good thing they live all the way in Clemmons!!), and camp friends Katie and boyfriend/med student Michael.  Conversation involved a "beer full of fridges"... but I know nothing about that.  I was not driving that night.

Mdx had a fall while we were out and scraped and bruised her poor little nose!  It has healed pretty fast, and didn't seem to bother her too much.

We did an excellent job at being the "Guest Registrars", and team-parenting during the ceremony.  We sat in the back row (typical) so that we could escape easily when Mdx decided to shriek during the readings....which of course she did.  Marshall took her out to the lobby for some cuddle time and snacks.
At the reception, Mdx gnawed on a dinner roll.

And we got a great Camp Reunion photo!
We had such a nice time visiting with everyone, and introducing them to Mdx.  It was our first formal event with a baby, and we learned a lot!  For instance, next time we will pack lotion, a back-up outfit, dinner roll, and straw for entertainment.

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Rocketgirl said...

Adorable family picture!!! I say the table cloths and napkins were copying Mdx. Yay for weddings where it's not us doing the work:)