Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a little lump of coal

Today in our faculty meeting our principal was speaking to us about our children.  How-when they leave our care each day, and head back to their lives....we have NO idea what they are facing.  These kids live in poverty, some have even been homeless.  For some of them the only healthcare they receive is at the Clinic that is in our school.  For some, the only meals they may eat that day would be the free breakfast and lunch served in our cafeteria.  And for some, the only adults who have shown an ounce of caring and compassion are their teachers at "The Dream" (That is my nickname for my new school- they even refer to the students as "dreamers").  

As teachers we need to look for something special in every child in our class.  They may misbehave, they may make us mad or annoy us, but it is our job to build that child up, to NEVER tear them down.  He showed us this video to help remind us that within everyone there is something beautiful....and you can find it where you least expect it.

I normally can't stand shows like this, American Idol, etc....but every time I watch this I get goosebumps!!  I believe Paul Potts (the singer) went on to win Britain's Got Talent, and was awarded a recording contract.  Not bad for a nervous, dorky cellphone salesman.

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Em said...

Quite inspiring! I love the videos too! Anderson thought the spinning was funny!