Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My 2007

I had such an interesting and busy year.  Let's see, at the beginning of last year we had just told our immediate families that we were pregnant!  That was super exciting.  I had no morning sickness at all the entire pregnancy, so that was great since I was still in school.

I then had to fly back to Michigan for my second semester (and last!) of grad school.  I didn't get as much work done over the break as I thought I would- of course.  My January was spent working super hard and trying not to freeze to death during my first Michigan winter.  I had my first OB appt, and first ultrasound.  I saw and heard the baby's heartbeat.  AWESOME. 

February- more school.  And- a super fun Spring Break (which is a joke to have SB in Feb in Michigan, but whatever!).  I got to go to Korea to visit my DH, since he was stationed there at Osan AFB.  I hadn't seen him since December (when I got preggo) so that was really really exciting.  I was about 14 weeks pregnant and just starting to show.  I even rented a hand-held doppler so that I could take it with me to Korea, and he could hear the baby's heartbeat.  We did all sorts of touristy stuff.  Maybe one day I'll put up some pictures.

March- more school.  Much more.  And still really cold.  

April- We found out that Babymac was a GIRL!!  I finished up grad school and graduated with my Master of Music in Music Education degree!!  I chose the Oral Exam over the Thesis option, and BOY am I glad I did that.  My exam committee was 3 of my favorite profs who all pushed me to work harder, question more, and write better than I ever have before.  At the end of the month one of my best friends Brandi, my parents, my sister Em, and her kids came up for my graduation.  It stunk that DH couldn't be there...but it helped to have so many people I loved!  Then Brandi and I made the long drive back to NC with my carload full of crap.

May- moved in with the in-laws.  They had offered to let me live there, as had my parents.  But, they had more room and were in Raleigh.  That meant that I could go back to teaching at the Elementary School where I had taught before I left for grad school.  Plus- my Dad smokes, and I refuse to live with a smoker.  ESPECIALLY when pregnant.  I met my new OBGYNs- and really liked them.

June- still living with in-laws.  Still pregnant.  There was a big party for DH's brother and sis-in-law to celebrate their wedding.  Saw tons of in-law family.  Went to the lake house with my parents.  Tried to stay out of the heat.  Ha.  My poor in-laws probably thought I was a depressed recluse because I stayed in my room most of the time.  The truth is- I was tired, that's where my bed was, and that way I didn't have to change out of my pajamas.  :)

July- More pregnant.  Ready to not be pregnant.  Babymac moved tons and tons.  I went to visit family a few more times and then decided to stay close to Raleigh- just in case.  OH YEAH- went to childbirth classes with my dear sister.  She was going to be with my in case DH didn't make it home in time.  Luckily he did.

August- Really the last month of pregnancy is so not cool.  Big.  Swollen.  Exhausted.  Trying to hold it until DH got home.  He got home.  We had Babymac and named her Maddox!!
I'll have to tell that story another time.

September- newborn baby craziness.  The movers came and got our stuff.  We went to Wilmington had had Mdx's baptism with tons of family and friends.  Then drove straight to VA to meet the movers for our delivery of our household goods at our base house.  Then back to Raleigh.  DH went back to Korea.  Breastfeeding craziness began.  I'll have to write more about that later.

October- more babyness.  Traveled to visit family and friends.  Pretty much took care of a baby by myself.  Enough said.

November- gosh- was there even a November this year?  Oh yes.  Mdx and I went to Shaw AFB and visited some friends there.  That was a blast.  Thanksgiving came.  I don't remember much of it.  Started getting ready for DH to come home.

December- DH is home!!  Moved to VA!!!  Went back and forth a few times to get cars and visit for the holidays.

And now we are here.  New year.  New family.  New life.  New blog.  If you stick with me, this could get interesting.  


Em said...

Cute sis! I like your blog, and can't wait to see what turns up on here! Love you tons! Em

Rocketgirl said...

You have a blog!!! And I'm on it!! I feel twelve colors of cool!! SO happy no there's a blog to folw - now that you know how to post pictures, I insist you do it NOW!!! MORE BABYMAC!!!