Friday, January 18, 2008

a few more pictures

Here are our new curtains:

Thank you in-laws!  We had our old curtains clothes-pinned up, without any hard-ware at all, and finally our house looks like a real grown up house.  
Maddox has also expressed interest in real food recently.  I'm not giving her any real food until she's 6 months (so she has over a month to go) but I figured I'd let her taste some.
Here is her tasting a clementine:
Well, she doesn't like it:
A pic of some good Mdx and Daddy computer time:
And lastly, the cutest pic we have of her so far:

1 comment:

Em said...

Pretty Curtains! I love all of the pictures! Taylor Anne and I are checking out your blog together today, and she loves the face Mdx makes when she's eating the clementine! Ha ha!