Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Venice at sea level

Once we finally got off the ship, and worked our way through our small luggage snafu (I left some on the boat....yep)- we were set loose in Venice to navigate our way to the apartment I rented through Airbnb. We got our water taxi tickets, and took off!

It was so bright and sunny- not too warm and not too cold!

The apartment was at the San Marcuola stop, which we found easily with directions from our host. 

This is a little platform, right off the water taxi, where Maverick ran in circles while we waited for our host to meet us and take us to the apartment.

After dropping off our luggage we got right back onto the taxi and did some sightseeing!  These gondolas are very cool- but very pricey!!

There is so much variation among the buildings- in color and window shape and size.

I imagine that this garden is some of the most expensive land in Venice.

We passed a funeral procession, and I totally took a picture before realizing that it might not be appropriate.  But it was too late, and it was already on my camera- so here it is.  A Venetian funeral.

Mosaics, gold leaf, and paintings- Oh my!

More crazy shaped windows.

This church was beautiful, but we didn't get a chance to go inside.

When we sat down to rest and have some gelato, I looked behind us and saw this.  So perfect!

Next- San Marco square, and some other tourist attractions!

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