Monday, October 21, 2013

Approaching Venice

The next morning we woke up and packed up all our things.  As we were finishing breakfast we realized that we were already approaching Venice, which is where we were going to disembark.  Even though we had gotten onto the ship in Bari, the flights home from Bari were already sold out by the time we bought our tickets, so we decided to give up one night on the ship, and spend an extra night in Venice and fly home from there.  It was definitely worth it!  

Here is the edge of the islands, as the cruise ship approached.  The water was so peaceful!

These first islands looked like they didn't have much on them at all, but old forts which surely were used to protect Venice from Maritime attacks.

Soon we were getting closer to the hustle and bustle!

I loved seeing these parks and beautiful homes.  What an amazing place to live!

In this picture you can see one of the Vaporetto stops, which are on both sides of the canals.  They are the boat equivalent of public busses, and everyone uses them!  While we were there we bought the tourist 2 day unlimited pass, and it was well worth it!  Venice is walkable, but do what the locals do and take a boat!

We had an amazing view of the Piazza San Marco early in the morning before it got crazy!  It was so cool to just float right by!  You'll see more pictures from when we visited there on foot.  All those little blue boats in front are gondolas.

Is it me, or is that tower leaning a little?

These cargo boats turned and whipped around curves and under bridges.  It was amazing.


This stunning and huge yacht was docked in the harbor, not far from where our cruise ship stopped.  I looked it up.  WOW!

We were definitely ready to get off the boat and start exploring!

More Venice coming up!

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