Saturday, October 30, 2010


The Korea story will have to be continued until at least tomorrow- no time to write up a lengthy post today since my parents are out of town at a fun wedding weekend.  

This post is mainly for Marshall, who through no fault of his own really likes T-shirts with witty/funny/stupid/moronic sayings on them.  He seems to get one or more as a gift just about every gift-giving holiday (no, not from me).  And-though I may have been known to wear such T-shirts myself on occasion, I have just recently started to realize that I am a little too old to rock that look any more.  (I actually had a T-shirt in Middle School that said "It must suck to be you", and got in trouble for wearing it to school!!)  Since I'm trying to convince my husband to let go of the juvenile T-shirts and wear grown up clothes, I think we should focus on finding them for our kids since that is more socially acceptable.  Here are some cute things I've found.  The links are included just in case you feel like ordering one or more.  :)

I think that is more than enough to give you an idea of the kind of thing I'm talking about!  Cute on a kid, not so much on a twenty (or thirty!)-something.

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Marshall McIntyre said...

So does that mean we can get Maddox a shirt that reads "I messed with Texas", and one for Maverick that reads "I love hot moms"?

I found one that reads "I love Ajumas" (that is Korean for 'married woman').