Thursday, September 10, 2009

Catching up once again

I never posted pics from our trip to Arkansas to visit Mason and Jennie so here they are! Maddox loved her time with them, and they really enjoyed spoiling her rotten.

As soon as we got there she started playing with Jennie's toy ladybugs.
Jennie's family came over and we had a great cookout and birthday celebration for Mdx and Mike- who she started calling Pa-Pa while we were there. It was so nice and generous of them to have a celebration for us!
Trying to keep her hair out of the cake- it was pointless.
We went to visit Jennie's friend Jenny- who has a pretty newborn baby girl! I held her for a short time, but Mdx didn't like it very much!

On the way home she got to play with Jennie's iPhone....the apps were Pre-K Safari which made cool animal sounds, and another game where you drag letters together to make a word. It was so surprising to me that Mdx could not only match up the letters, but could actually use the touch pad correctly!

We ate breakfast at Mimi's Cafe (DELICIOUS!!) and Mdx was happy to help Mason get all the muffin off of his muffin-paper.

Mdx had her first experience at a place called "Jump Zone"! She was too little to do most of the bounce houses by herself, and we had to watch out so other kids wouldn't trample her. She still had a great time bouncing and sliding!

Jennie's niece H was great about playing with the little kids and taking them down the slides.
Mdx showed off some singing and dancing.
And her "little German girl" hair-do.
We did some swimming the new froggie pool.
And traveled to downtown Little Rock, by the Arkansas River. There is a beautiful Amphitheater and park where kids can play.
Jennie and Maddox played in the water section for quite a while!

Mdx went on her first trolley ride.
Then surprised us all by having a blast in Jennie's parents' pool! She even went down the slide!

That night we ate dinner with Jennie's family and Maddox had a great time playing with Jennie's Dad across the table. She is eating cheesecake, and flirting with him. He was egging her on, getting her to dance and trying to get her to put her hands in her hair. It was so funny!

I think that week in Arkansas finally got Mdx over the hump as far as her fear of water. She now loves swimming and playing, and I'm SO glad!

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Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog! Your daughter is precious. I hope you and Marshall will be able to make it to my wedding in February. I can't wait to meet you! Seems like we have a lot in common, both being music teachers :) Take care!