Wednesday, June 10, 2009

yard sales and a wedding

Last weekend we went back to Greensboro for my friend's wedding.  Saturday morning was spent driving around to quite a few yard sales in search of the ever-elusive treasures that we never knew we needed until we saw them at a yard sale.  Mom and I found some great clothes for Maddox, and lots of other cool things.  We randomly decided to head down to a yard sale on Starmount since it was on the way to a children's consignment shop, and as we drove down the road I told Mom that I remembered a friend of mine from Middle School had lived on that street.  It ends up the yard sale was at her parents house, and she was there helping out!  It was such a cool thing to see her again and to catch up!  We even bought some of her old books and coloring books, which Maddox is now enjoying.  Then it was time to go home and get ready for the wedding.

The wedding was in the chapel at Greensboro College,  and it was beautiful!  I was really worried about Maddox being loud during the service, and I knew there wouldn't be that many people there.  Mom had the great idea of leaving Mdx at their house during  the wedding and then getting her and taking her back for the reception.  Since they live less than 10 blocks from the College it worked out perfectly!  I saw lots of friends from the toy store where I worked during high school and college, and we had a nice visit.

Maddox really enjoyed the cupcakes.
Can I run around please?
She sat on my lap and ate the finger food.
Saturday night, coloring in one of her new/old books.
This last picture is for David, so he can see that my Mom still has his drawing of the Beatles on her Frigidaire.

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Mollie B said...

Alex and I got married in that chapel. I think it is simply beautiful.