Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We are moving!

Many of you know that we found out our house is going to be torn down by the end of the year.  We didn't even hear this from the Housing Office- it came by neighbor-word-of-mouth.  So, I didn't really take it seriously until we had official word.  The Air Force is notorious for making grand plans, such as building a new neighborhood, getting everybody all worked up about it, then running behind schedule for months at a time!  I knew it was really happening when they scheduled a meeting for everyone on our street!

The meeting was last week.  I was surprised to see how many of my neighbors didn't even bother to go.  There were many good questions asked, and many good details given.  Basically what we were told is this:
-Everyone will be moved off of our street by the end of October (which means for us, before Marshall gets home from his deployment).
-We will be moved into whatever housing on the other side of the neighborhood is available.  If you qualify for a new house that is ready now(Officer housing, so we don't) you can apply for one of the new houses.  Otherwise you are moving into another old house where you will live until demolition is scheduled for them, sometime next year.  At that time there should be new houses in our pay grade available.
-60 day notices will go out in waves, beginning in late July.  Then the Air Force will move you out of your old house, and into your "new"old house.  We move on their schedule, they don't want everyone bailing at once because they need to keep occupancy high.

Here were my problems with this info, much of it I had to ask about at the meeting:  They could NOT guarantee that I would get moved before school started in the Fall.  Even though I am a teacher and my husband is deployed- too bad.  They could NOT guarantee that we would get another 3 bedroom, we could be downgraded to a 2 bedroom if that's all that available.  Many of the available houses are smaller square footage, even the 3 bedrooms.  Most of the yards on the other side are teeny tiny- probably 20 X 15.  Macy would be miserable.  We currently live in a duplex- many of those are six-plexes and seven-plexes!  Parking over there is very difficult for visitors.  That's just a few of the things that came to mind.

Having known that this was a coming possibility I had started checking out websites for houses in the area.  We don't want to buy right now, because Virginia is very expensive and we don't know how much longer we'll be here.  So, assuming I would have my job next year we could afford to rent a little over our BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing).  If not, we'd just stay in base housing.  I found a few promising places.  I also talked to a few teachers at my school and got some neighborhood recommendations.  My main criteria: Safety- I want to live in a neighborhood where I would feel safe trick-or-treating with Maddox, for example.  Leaving the gates of base housing and losing that 24 hour security is going to be the biggest challenge.  But even here in base housing there are thefts and vandalism- nowhere is 100% safe.

Once I left the meeting I drove to a neighborhood recommended to me by a fellow teacher who lives there.  It is on the other side of Langley AFB from where we currently live, in Hampton.  He said it is very safe (I've checked the police records, and sex offender registries- it's true!), established neighborhood, mostly owners, families, etc.  I drove up and down the streets looking at the place, seeing how close or far it was from base, etc.  I stopped in front of any house that had a "For Rent" sign and called the number to get the info.  To make a long story short- that is how I found THIS amazing house, that we are moving into in mid-July!!

Built in the 40's, partially renovated.  3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths.  Approx 1800 sq ft.  The windows have been replaced with high-efficiency windows.
The view from our front porch.  This is tidal water from the Chesapeake Bay.
The entrance and front room.  There are built-in bookcases in many rooms!  There is a coat closet behind the bookcase, next to the door.
The other side of the room, a wood-burning fireplace.  You can see the entrance to the kitchen. There is a sunroom to the right.  That is my friend's daughter walking into it.  To my left, but not pictured is a door to a hallway that goes to the left side of the house, and the bedrooms.
The sunroom.  We will probably use this room as a Breakfast room with a table and chairs, since there is no Dining room.  It has a nice view of the water!
There are two decks, this is the side deck.  The yard is completely fenced in.
The renovated kitchen with stainless appliances!
The matching refrigerator will be put in before we move in.  There is a dishwasher next to the sink.
From the kitchen you go into the back living space, or Den.  We may use this as a Den or a play area, I don't know. there is another wood-burning fireplace and a tile floor.  The double doors go to the back deck and backyard.
Off the den is a laundry room.  It looks like they took out the old sink and counter from the kitchen and put them in here.  Still- I won't have to do my laundry in my kitchen any more!
Down the hall is the Master Bedroom.  Each bedroom has a ceiling fan.
The Master bath.  It will be finished before we move in.  To the right there is a door to a walk-in closet.
The back deck- smaller than the side deck, but still nice!  That man is the Property Manager.
The rest of the backyard, and gate to the alley and garage.

There are 2 other bedrooms not pictured.  One will be Maddox's room, it is painted a lovely primary blue color, so it should go well with her current nursery decorations. {Carla- we might have to cut those curtains in half- there are two windows!}  There is also a guest room which is toward the front of the house.  The other full bath is not renovated and has a very old tub and some awesome burgundy and yellow tile.  The half bath is new and close to the back Den.

I know the decision was made quickly, but I really just wanted this settled.  I didn't feel the need to wait and check out other places.  I'm the type of person that once I see something I like I go with it.  There's no point in searching and searching and searching....I feel like people who do that are never satisfied with what they have.  We aren't picky people...I searched, I found this, and it's great!  Marshall's squadron has already offered to move us, so I have more than 10 people to help!  I'll let you all know if I need anything!


Jessie and Nathan said...

Sounds and looks wonderful!! Yay for a laundry room!

JaclynJohnson said...

that's awesome! congrats on the new space!

Kellie and Jeremy said...

Congrats, it looks beautiful!

Rocketgirl said...

Holy crap, that house is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! Man, if I could find anything that beautiful up in Wisconsin, I'd just go ahead and buy it!! It's unlikely though - I'm so glad you found it!!