Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spread the word

I just checked out my "weekend best friend" Jaclyn's blog (Coupons and Thin Mints) where she tells her horror story about her family's experience with Rooms to Go. The short version is- their products are low quality, break, and sometimes come with the wrong pieces...their customer service stinks (with a rare exception)..and it's not worth the hassle just to save money. Stories like this just eat me up- so PLEASE- tell people not to give any more business to RTG!

We had a crazy line of storms come through last night. The wind was wailing, rain was hitting the windows in waves, and the house was shaking. I thought for sure Mdx would wake up, but nope...she slept the night through. I, on the other hand, was awake until it finally calmed down around 2:30AM. Then this morning I came downstairs to find that our house only had partial power. All the lights were really dim, and the microwave would show the time, but not cook. (which, for me- means NO FOOD!! Hahaha! I'm only half kidding.) I figured I'd give the power crews some time to fix it. Finally after about 3 hours I called Maintenance and they said the whole neighborhood had either limited power, or no power. Then- our power went out completely. Darn- should never have called!! The power was still out when we left town this afternoon to go visit family in NC. Hopefully it turned back on soon, and we won't be returning to a fridge full of rotten food.


JaclynJohnson said...

Thanks for the plug for my blog! My dad thinks I'll get sued for talking about them, and I just laughed and said "I only spoke the TRUTH!" :-)

Rocketgirl said...

We had those same storms! THey woke me up but baby snoozed straight through. Dagnabit, I wanted to sleep, too! Glad the wee ones have figured this sleep thing out though:)