Monday, March 10, 2008

Being known

Last week we went back to Raleigh to visit with my in-laws.  While we were there we went downtown to the school where I used to teach, so that we could eat lunch with Nina (and everyone else!) and so that they could see the baby.  From the moment we walked in the door I was recognized by people.  The Security guy said "I'm sure you know where you are going" after we checked in.  Students stopped and waved at me in the hallway, and I got a few hugs.  The Secretary and Librarian both Oooed and Aaaahd over Mdx and Marshall.  And I saw at least 10 teachers who were so excited to see us.

It was SO NICE just to be known, if that makes any sense.  Ever since I left teaching and went to Texas in the summer of 2006- I've been fairly anonymous.  I met Marshall's friends there, but didn't have any of my own.  Then in Michigan I met people in my program, but was only there for a year so I didn't feel like they all really "knew" me well.  Then back to Raleigh for a few months, had a baby, then up and moved to Virginia.  I'm slowly meeting people here....but folks...that is well over a year of constantly having to introduce myself and meet new people!  So an afternoon with people who knew me- was grand.

Here you can see Maddox's new rug in her room- no more cold hardwood floor!  Gotta love Target Clearance!

And we moved Mdx's tub into the big bathtub- so she can splash!
I came in the room and saw this the other day (She was watching Baby Van Gogh).  ACK!  Since she can sit up now, the buzzy chair has to go!  I'm afraid she'll fall out, and she refuses to be buckled in.
I've decided to make some baby food for her, since Gerber Organic Baby Food is pretty expensive.  I have a book with recipes and ice cube trays to freeze it in.  My first batch was Acorn Squash!  So far she likes it!

First I quartered it, then microwaved it in an inch of water for about 10 min.  If I had a steam basket I would have steamed it that way, but I don't.
Next I pureed it, adding the cooking water to thin it down.
Then, into the trays to freeze it into cubes.  For each meal I can just take out a cube or two and heat it up- and we're in business!
So far she's only eaten vegetables, oatmeal and rice cereal.  We'll try some fruits soon, but I want her to love her veggies!!


JaclynJohnson said...

Gosh, Mary, she is looking so big and so cute!!! I hope she comes and visits her weekend best friend, Brooklyn, soon! :-)

Em said...

So cool Mary! I love the pictures of Maddox - the picture with her sitting up in the seat is really funny... although I can see it would be easy for her to fall out. I love the mini-tutorial you did of the babyfood!

driftwood said...

my two both loved squash when they were little, won't eat it now though......
sweet potato is another really easy one to make, and mixes well with different veggies.

Rocketgirl said...

The sitting up pic is priceless! Don't worry if she falls out, that just makes for good stories:) like the time Solei fell off the bed - whew! And don't say you aren't crafty - that baby food idea is as crafy as they come!