Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Recess time!

Every day the kids would get about 20 minutes outside on the back patio (and in the roads and walkways) for recess.  Once a week they get to go to a giant field that is on government property, for their play time. 

This is all they had for recess for 110 kids- and they make the best of it!

It's about a 5 minute walk to the field from our school, and the kids just CLUNG to our hands and arms for the whole walk.  Once our hands were taken, they'd hang on our shirtsleeves, and skirts, just to walk next to us.  It was sweet, and very hard to walk!

The teachers took the kids to the far side of a huge field, and lined them up for running races.

Here's the view (zoomed in) from the far side of the field, with a race about to start.

Here they come!  Many would take their shoes off for running, because they ran much faster without them!

After the running races they played soccer.

Some of the girls wanted to stay in the shade- well, really they wanted to stay wherever I was.  They were fascinated by the dots on my arms, and decided to practice their English, and count them.

At the end of our time outside (it was about an hour) Sadick was like the Pied Piper getting all the kids to follow him and be in a happy mood leaving recess!

When we got back to the school they filled two large plastic buckets with water, and just filled up the same two cups over and over, by dipping them in the water.  The kids all shared the cups and drank as much as they wanted.  It took quite a while to make sure everyone got some water.

Next up- our trip to a church, and St. Timothy's School!

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