Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Getting ready for Valentines Day

One of my goals/resolutions/whatever you prefer to call them for this year was to make sure to celebrate and decorate more for the holidays.  I already had a few things for Valentines Day, and thanks to Amazon it seems I will have no problem finding decorations for whatever obscure holiday we decide to celebrate!

I made this candy wreath, which took entirely too long because I didn't have a hot glue gun, so I used Elmer's.  Then when I was basically done Marshall told me there is a hot glue gun in the basement.  DOH!!!  This looked cool hanging on the wall!
 After finding the silicone heart mold at the BX, we decided to make some heart crayons.
 Back in "the day" peeling crayons used to be so easy.  Now they glue the paper on and it is tough to get off!
 Broken up and ready to be melted!
 Mdx checked on them frequently.
 When I took them out they smelled awful!  I think it was the silicone, and not the crayons.
 After they cooled off we glued them onto doilies to make valentines.
This was a pinterest idea- a heart chain!
 Our Valentiney living room. 
 I made this painting with some of the art stuff Marshall gave me for Christmas.
 Our awesome babysitter Viktoria made toilet roll monsters with the kids.  That counts as a Valentine's decoration, right?

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adrienne_sakura said...

i love love love all the decorations!! i think that's a great resolution to decorate for the holidays more. i might have to steal that for myself next year. maybe by then we will have a house!