Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Moving on up!

...out of our basement Korean apartment and into a hotel to wait for our flight out of here next week!  :)

Maddox took one last picture with our sunflower that we planted a few months ago.  We planted six, and one has bloomed!

We had spent quite a while getting rid of stuff, and organizing what needed to be packed into a pile so that the packers wouldn't have to go through every room of the apartment.  This is around the size of the pile of stuff that we sent here.

Some of the other stuff to be packed- our new hutch, a dresser, the TV...and you can see a few plastic tubs in Mdx's room.

The movers showed up and got ready to work!  Those large wooden boxes are what get packed full of stuff, and eventually put onto a container ship or airplane to be sent to the next duty station.  

Marshall was supervising (in other words facebooking)

The packers worked extremely quickly and got everything boxed up!

Hmm..  "The Careful Movers".  If this is the truck of the careful ones, I'd hate to see what the truck of the NOT careful ones looks like!

This is what we were left with, to head to the hotel!  6 suitcases for 4 people, that's not too bad! Of course, that's not counting our carry ons!

This is our hotel room in downtown Songtan. The TV is around the same size as the purple couch you see, and the beds are pretty soft for Korean beds!  We are now living out of suitcases once again, until we find a house in Germany.  Back to a life of being homeless!  LOL!


Emily Cole said...

I can't believe your stay there is already over, it seemed to go by so quickly! We're excited you're on your way back to the US for a little bit! When I told the kids this morning, they whooped and yelled yahooooo!

adrienne_sakura said...

good luck with all the travel. i hope its more fun than stressful.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your time here is already almost up? I hope that your travels go well, and that you'll find a nice new place to call home soon.^^