Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ocean to Bay Ride 2009

While I was training for the triathlon I kept hearing people in the cycling community talking about local races and events.  By far everyone's favorite was the MS 150 during the last weekend of May-  a 2 day long 150 mile ride on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.  I talked with a few people about the amount of training required, how hard the ride is, and how hard it is to raise the minimum fund-raising amount of $250.00.  The responses I heard were all the same.....the training is just to lengthen your normal workouts a little, the ride is easy and fun, and the fund-raising is not too hard as long as you use the tools they provide!  Of course.....I'm not convinced that riding 150 miles in 2 days is going to be easy- not matter how flat the course is.  But, I can do it.

The only person that I know who really rides a bike besides the other triathletes at the Y is my friend Brandi.  So, I called her and asked if she'd consider doing the ride with me, she was excited about the idea as soon as I mentioned it!

Another problem was that I knew Marshall would be gone.  I didn't know if anyone was willing or able to come up and stay at our house for the weekend.  I didn't realize that it is Marshall's parents' Anniversary weekend when I asked them if they were willing to come, but luckily for me they are willing to share their Anniversary with Maddox so I can go and ride in the race!

So, I signed up to be on a team of people who work out at the YMCA with me.   The name of our team is "Ready, Steady, Go!" and so far we have 5 members.  I know that the economy is bad and finances are tight for a lot of people.  So, if you happen to need a tax deduction (HA!) or if you woke up this morning and thought "Man, I really need to make a donation to charity sometime soon", then THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!  :)

If you click on this link it will take you to my Participant Page where you can make a donation to the National MS Society.  If you know someone with MS and would like to make a donation in their name, send me a quick message and I'll post it here on my blog!  If you have already donated (you rock!) and you want to designate your donation to honor someone, just let me know  :)  I'll also make sure their name is added to the list of honorees for the event.  Even if you can't donate, go out and do something active.....take care of your body because it is the only one you'll ever have!


Em said...

You rock, Sis!

Tina said...

You inspire me!