Tuesday, February 19, 2008

technology hates me

I THINK I may have figured out how to finally get some of my videos uploaded.

First off, our camcorder is a JVC Everio Hard-drive camcorder. We got it when we found out I was preggo and Marshall was going to miss all of the pregnancy! I've really only used it a few times because getting the darn files OFF of it is so complicated. And it records video into these files that end in .MOD. WHY? Because JVC just wants to complicate my life. Luckily I discovered on someone else's page that all I have to do is right-click and rename the file ending in .MPG.
PLUS- all of the video files that I moved from the camcorder to my computer are massive- like 90MB for a 2 minute video. What the heck!? I have no idea why the files are so large. Therefore- of course- they won't upload to Youtube. I have no idea if the problem is with my computer, or with Youtube, but my first guess is it is my lame computer.

So- I opened up the "PowerDirector" software that came with the camcorder, imported the gigantic file like I was going to edit it- then chose "produce" into Streaming video format ending in .wmv (Windows Media Player) which then makes the file go down to about 3 MB. Yes, I lose a lot of quality that way and it shrinks the picture, but that's the only way I can get it to upload. Does ANYONE know how I can:

1. Make it so that my camcorder is not making these gigantic files??
2. Not lose all the quality when I upload the video to Youtube?

My poor hubby went to bed while I was still wrestling with this. I asked him "Am I really an idiot? I just can't figure this out!!". Smart man that he is- he said of course I'm not an idiot. Ah, he must love me so much to put up with all my grumbling about computers and how they are all out to get me.

So now you get to see a video of some of my friends at my baby shower this past August, hosted by one of my favorite people NINA kristina!! It really is funny, at least to me. And yes, my friends are music dorks.  That's how I like 'em.  Musicky and dorky.  Feel free to stop the video once you've had enough.  :)

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LOP said...

Man, I had to stand up during that one- it was great! Play Ball!