Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sisters have such great ideas

My dear sister Em has a blog where she talks about her kids and her crafts. I love reading it because it can update me with all the stuff she's up to without interrupting her day with a phone call! So- I've started this blog so anyone who is interested can read up on what I'm doing (granted- it doesn't seem like much right now). I also used to journal and haven't recently. This will be the closest thing I have to a journal! So, if you want to know- read away!

I have no idea how often I'll be posting, since I have a (almost!) 4 month old baby. Right now I'm enjoying staying home with her and being a new mama. I'm sure I'll post about that a lot. My husband just returned 2 weeks ago from a year tour in Korea for the U.S. Air Force- so he needs lots of loving attention!! :) It's amazing because I know my life was full and busy before I was married and had a baby-but goshdarnit- I barely remember what it was like! My life is certainly full and busy now, just with completely different things. And that's a good thing.

Baby screeching, gotta run.

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